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Free at last – Tunisia

An amazing and very moving clip where an imam in Tunisia takes back his rightful seat from a government appointed imam. Allahu akbar! Free to discuss Islam openly at last, Alhamdullilah. May Allah allow the same to happen in Egypt, and across the Arab and Muslim world, ameen.


Laylatul-Bara’ah: The night of freedom from the fire

Laylatul-Bara’ah: The night of freedom from the hellfire

The Mother of the Believers ‘Aisha (May Allah be well pleased with her) is reported to have said that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) said,

“This is the middle night of Sha’ban. Allah frees in it a large number of the people from the Hellfire, more than the number of the hair growing on the sheep of the tribe, Kalb. But He(swt) does not even look at a person who associates partners with Allah, or at a person who nourishes malice in his heart (against another muslim), or at a person who cuts off the ties of womb-relations, or at a man who leaves his clothes extending beyond his ankles (as a sign of pride), or at a person who disobeys his parents, or at a person who has a habit of drinking wine.”

[Baihaqi, At-Targheeb wat-Tarheeb]


Kalb was a big tribe, the members of which had a very large number of sheep. Therefore the mention of this in the hadith indicates the large number of people who are forgiven on this night by Allah (swt)

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