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Is there not in what you see, a lesson indeed?

“Is there not in what you see, a lesson indeed?”

It is said that Maalik ibn Dinaar (May Allah have mercy upon him) once went to the graveyards and said:

“I approached the graves and called out to it
‘Where is the exalted one and where is the debased?

Where is the caller when he did call out
And where is the powerful when he did boast

Where is the one who was arrogant in his reign
And where is the strong one when he did gain power?

So he heard a voice say:

All have fleeted, so there is no informer
And all have died and so did the news

The daughters of the rich come and go
So they wipe away the beauty of such a picture

So O questioner of a people who have gone by
Is there not in what you see, a lesson indeed?

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“Is there not in what you see, a lesson indeed?” meaning that is it not a lesson for you of those who once walked upon this earth just like yourself, both the master and the slave, the arrogant one and the humble one, the powerful and the weak, the knowledgeable one and the ignorant one, all who have been in this world are no longer resident in it but are rather now the inhabitants of the graves, having taken with them nothing of the provision of this world except their deeds. So is this not a lesson for the people of understanding that they too will soon be returned to the dust of the earth with nothing to take forward from this world except their deeds, both good and bad.


The next destination is the grave

The next destination is the grave

A translation of a beautiful Arabic poem

“Take taqwa as your provision, for you do not know
When the night darkens, will you live until fajr?

For how many of a youth laughs by morning and evening
And his shrouds have been weaved, and he does not know.

And how many of young ones are expected to live long
But their bodies are made to enter the darkness of the grave.

And how many of a bride have they beautified for her husband
And their souls have been seized on the night of decree.

And how many of a healthy one dies without an illness
And how many of an ill one has lived for a good time

So whoever lives for a thousand and more
They must one day, make their way to their grave”

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