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Latest talks by Imam Imran Hosein – Very interesting

(Important note: Although the below listed talks are very interesting and give an insight into what is happening around the world and its relation to the references towards Akhir Zaman ( the end times) in the Qur’an and Ahadeeth, it is very important not to become too attached to the statements where it begins to affect your life. It is important to know that only Allah has the knowledge of what will happen in the future, and all muslims should be prepared firstly for their death and then the meeting with their lord. So regardless of whether what is mentioned will come to pass or not, every muslim, man or woman should be striving hard to bring their hearts closer to Allah (swt), through the Qur’an and the Sunnah of His beloved (saw), and constantly engaging in repentance  and supplicating to Allah, whilst trying their best to observe His commandments and abstaining from sins and His disobedience. May Allah protect us all. ameen)

An Islamic Response to  the Imminent Zionist attack on Iran

2012: Will the world economy take the greatest plunge

Islam, UN and The New World Order


The Al Jazeera deception – could it really be?

Below is a clip from a speech Shaykh Imran Hosein ( delivered in 2003. Its very interesting to see how he mentions the events that will occur in the Muslim world, particularly in the middle east as part of the coming of the Dajjal, which are very similar to what is actually happening today in Tunisia and Egypt, as well as in other arab countries.

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