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Whoever is mindful of Allah when he is young and strong

Ibn Rajab al Hambali (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

“Whoever is mindful of Allah when he is young and strong, Allah will take care of him when he is old and has become weak, and will bless him with good hearing, eyesight, strength and intellect. One of the scholars who lived beyond the age of one hundred years and enjoyed good strength and reasoning jumped up in a lively manner one day, and was asked about that. He said: ‘I kept these physical faculties from sin when i was young, and Allah has preserved them for me now that I am old.’ The opposite also applies. One of the Salaf saw an old man begging from people and said: ‘ This is a weak man who ignored Allah when he was young. So, Allah is ignoring him now that he has grown old.'” 
(Jami’ al-ulum wal Hikam)


The righteous servant is refined through tribulation

Ali (May Allah be pleased with him) said,

“Son of Adam! Do not rejoice at wealth
and do not despair at poverty.
Do not become despondent at the onset of tribulation
and do not rejoice at the onset of ease
for gold is refined through fire
and the righteous servant is refined through tribulation.
You will not attain what you want except by leaving what you desire
and you will not reach what you aspire to except through patience.
Expend all your efforts in carefully fulfilling the duties made obligatory upon you.”

[Trials and Tribulations – Wisdom and Benefits]

Do not look except to the sky

“My Brother, walk on and do not look back,
your path has been covered with blood (i.e. struggles),
And do not look here or there,
And do not look except to the sky…
(i.e turn your gaze towards Allah only)”
[Diwan of Sayyid Qutb (rahimullah)]

Don’t be concerned about what the people may say or think

A wise person said,

“People are oblivious of you and me, and are busily striving for their bread. And if one of them is thirsty, he will forget my death and yours.”
[La tahzanu (Don’t be sad) by A’aid al Qarni]

Lesson: The is indeed a very true statement. Many people constantly worry about what others might think or what others may say, which leaves them in an almost perpetual state of worry and concern which is not healthy for a believer. Muslims should only be concerned about what Allah thinks of them and about how Allah views them. Our concern should only be Allah, and about observing the commandments of Allah and following the sunnah of the Prophet(saw). By adopting this attitude inshaAllah He(swt) Himself will make us appear honorable before the people, without us having even sought it.

Four things that most people believe in but their actions belie.

Four things that most people believe in but their actions belie.

Shaqique Ibne Ibrahim rahmatullahi alayh says: People seem to agree with me when they say that they believe in four things, but their actions belie what they claim to believe:-

1 They say that they are slaves (bondsmen) of Allah Ta’ala, but their actions betray that they regard themselves to be freemen;

2 They say that Allah Ta’ala has taken upon Himself the responsibility to give us our sustenance, but they never rest content until they hoard enough of worldly provisions;

3 They say that akhirah (Hereafter) is preferable to this world, but they are ever engaged in amassing wealth, and are least concerned about akhirah.

4 They say that death is inevitable, but they are absorbed in worldly activities as though they were to live here forever.
(Tanbeehul Ghaafileen)

After the Month of Ramadhan is over

After the Month of Ramadhan is over

Yahya bin Muaadh (May Allah be pleased with him) said:

“The smart individual is not the one whose greatest goal is other than seeking the pardon of Allah. (The smart individual is not the one who) seeks forgiveness with his tongue, while his heart is firmly attached to sin, and he truly intends to return to sin after the completion of Ramadhan. This individual’s fast is rejected, and acceptance is closed in his face.”

Ka’b (May Allah be pleased with him) said:

“Whoever fasts Ramadhan while inwardly saying: Once the month is over, I will disobey Allah; this person’s fasting is rejected. And whoever fasts the month while inwardly saying: Upon completion of the month, I won’t disobey Allah, this person will enter Jannah without questioning or debate.”

(Lataa’if al Ma’aarif of Ibn Rajab: Chapter: the ending of Ramadhan)


“Upon completion of the month, I won’t disobey Allah…” meaning that the person has made a firm resolve after having repented in the month of Ramadhan, that he will not return to his old ways of negligence and sin, but will now after having completed the month take his religion more seriously, striving hard to please Allah(swt) through obedience to the commands of Allah and following the sunnah of His(swt) beloved Prophet(saw).

The medicine of the heart

The medicine of the heart

“The medicine of the heart is in five things: reading the Qur’an and pondering over its meaning, having an empty stomach, praying at night (qiyaam al-layl or tahajjud), beseeching Allah at the time of suhoor, and keeping company with righteous people.”

A saying of Yahya bin Muaadh (May Allah be pleased with him)

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