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Don’t be concerned about what the people may say or think

A wise person said,

“People are oblivious of you and me, and are busily striving for their bread. And if one of them is thirsty, he will forget my death and yours.”
[La tahzanu (Don’t be sad) by A’aid al Qarni]

Lesson: The is indeed a very true statement. Many people constantly worry about what others might think or what others may say, which leaves them in an almost perpetual state of worry and concern which is not healthy for a believer. Muslims should only be concerned about what Allah thinks of them and about how Allah views them. Our concern should only be Allah, and about observing the commandments of Allah and following the sunnah of the Prophet(saw). By adopting this attitude inshaAllah He(swt) Himself will make us appear honorable before the people, without us having even sought it.


Latest talks by Imam Imran Hosein – Very interesting

(Important note: Although the below listed talks are very interesting and give an insight into what is happening around the world and its relation to the references towards Akhir Zaman ( the end times) in the Qur’an and Ahadeeth, it is very important not to become too attached to the statements where it begins to affect your life. It is important to know that only Allah has the knowledge of what will happen in the future, and all muslims should be prepared firstly for their death and then the meeting with their lord. So regardless of whether what is mentioned will come to pass or not, every muslim, man or woman should be striving hard to bring their hearts closer to Allah (swt), through the Qur’an and the Sunnah of His beloved (saw), and constantly engaging in repentance  and supplicating to Allah, whilst trying their best to observe His commandments and abstaining from sins and His disobedience. May Allah protect us all. ameen)

An Islamic Response to  the Imminent Zionist attack on Iran

2012: Will the world economy take the greatest plunge

Islam, UN and The New World Order

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