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“Little are you grateful”

”Little are you grateful”

“Say it is He Who has created you, and endowed you with hearing (ears), seeing (eyes), and hearts: Little are you grateful. “

[AL Qur’an 67:23]

“‘Say it is He Who has created you’, means He(swt) initiated your creation after you were not even a thing worth mentioning (i.e. nothing).’ Then He(swt) says, ‘and endowed you with hearing, seeing and hearts’, meaning intellects and powers of reasoning. ‘Little are you grateful’ means how little you use these abilities that Allah has blessed you with to obey Him, to act according to His commandments, and avoid His prohibitions.”[Tafsir ibn kathir]


The Dua of Rasullulah(saw) in the month of Rajab

The Dua of Rasullulah(saw) in the month of Rajab

It is mentioned on the authority of Anas Bin Malik (May Allah be pleased with him) that when the Holy Prophet (saw) sighted the moon of Rajab, he used to pray to Allah in the following words,

‘Allahuma Barik lana fi Rajaba wa Sha’bana wa ballighna Ramadhan’

“O Allah, make the months of Rajab and Sha’ban blessed for us, and let us reach the month of Ramadan (i.e. prolong our life up to Ramadan, so that we may benefit from its merits and blessings).”

[Mentioned by Hafidh Abu Nu’aim in his ‘Hilya’]

The Sanctity of a believer

The Sanctity of a believer

On the authority of Abdullah ibn Umar (May Allah be pleased with him and his father), who says that,

“I saw the Prophet (Peace be upon him) performing tawaf around the Ka’bah, saying (to the Ka’bah), ‘How pure you are! And how pure is your fragrance! How great you are! And how great is your sanctity! By He in whose hands lies the soul of Muhammad, the sanctity of a believer is greater with Allah than even your sanctity (i.e the Ka’bah). That is (the sanctity) of his wealth, his blood and that we think nothing of him but good.’”

[Ibn Majah]

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