Ramadhan: A blessed and auspicious month

Ramadhan: A blessed and auspicious month

On the authority of Ibn Abbas (May Allah be pleased with them both) it is reported that he heard the Prophet(Peace be upon him) say:

“Verily Jannah (Paradise) becomes perfumed with the sweetest fragrance in Ramadhan. From the beginning of the year till the end, it is being brightly decorated for the coming of this blessed month. And when the first night of Ramadhan appears, a wind blows from beneath the Arsh (Throne). It is called Mutheerah, and causes the leaves of the trees of Jannah to rustle and door handles to sound, whereby setting forth such a melodious sound as had never been heard before. The dark eyed damsels of Jannah then step forth till they appear in the centre of the balconies of Jannah, exclaiming: Is there anyone making dua to Allah for us that Allah may join us in marriage to them?” Then these damsels call out: “O Ridwaan, keeper of Jannah, what night is this?” He replies: “Labbaik, this is indeed the first night of Ramadhan, when the doors of Jannah are opened to those who observe the fast from among the Ummah of Muhammad (saw)”.

Rasullulah(saw) further said, “Allah says, “O Ridwaan open the doors of Jannah, O Maalik (Keeper of Jahannum) close the doors of Jahannum for those who fast from among the Ummah of Ahmad (saw). O Jibraeel proceed down to the earth and bind the rebellious shayateen (devils), put them in chains and cast them in the oceans so that they make no mischief, thereby spoiling the fast of the Ummah of My beloved Muhammad (saw).” Allah commands a caller from the heavens to call out three times on every one of the nights of Ramadhan: “Is there anyone begging of Me that I may grant him his desire? Is there anyone repenting to Me that I may turn in mercy to him? Is there anyone begging for forgiveness that I may forgive him? Who is there who shall give a loan (i.e. give charity) to the One whose wealth does not diminish, and the One who duly fulfils without unjust deductions”.

[reported in Targheeb]


2 Responses to “Ramadhan: A blessed and auspicious month”

  1. 1 sister September 7, 2008 at 4:51 pm

    assalaamu alykum,

    is this hadeeth saheeh?

  2. 2 dailyreminders September 8, 2008 at 10:23 am


    It is reported in At targheeb wat tarheeb of Imam Al-Mundhiri, but im not sure of its authenticity, i.e. whether it is Saheeh, Hasan or daeef.


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