Promise 10 of 25

Promise 10 of 25

No effort will be wasted

Allah the Most High says,

As to those who believe and work righteousness, verily We shall not suffer to perish the reward of any who do a (single) righteous deed.”

[Al Qur’an 18:30]

Sometimes you might feel that you are wasting your time. For instance you are giving Dawah (calling towards Islam), but nobody is listening, or you can’t see a change in the people. You should know that your reward is with Allah and none of your effort will be wasted, as success is not about numbers.

Rasullullah (saw) says that when I was taken to the heavens – “I saw a prophet with 10 followers, a prophet with 5 followers, a prophet with 2 followers, some with 1 follower and some with no followers.” However these Prophets did not fail, rather it was the people who refused to believe.

In fact Allah will pay you back with more than what you did

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